Rubber Mulch Colors to Complete Your Set

In every test, rubber mulch provides superior fall protection compared to wooden mulch or simply having your playset sit directly on the grass. That’s why safety-conscious parents almost always surround their new sets with a base of our attractive and effective rubber mulch. Not only does this specialty rubber mulch provide unbeatable protection against falling, but it can enhance the look of your play space, too. We offer five rubber mulch colors, including red, green, blue, brown, and black.

At Adventure World Play Sets, we build deluxe vinyl play sets and provide a wide range of rubber mulch colors to go along with them. Parents often choose to buy our specialty mulch with our sets, but we also make it available on its own if you already have a set in your backyard. Keep reading to see the unique look of our high-quality mulch and to discover the all-important safety benefits.

Red Rubber Mulch & Other Choices

Among the five color options we offer, red rubber mulch is one of the most popular picks as it pairs particularly well with the matching red accents that are found on many of our sets. In addition to that, blue rubber mulch and green rubber mulch are also great choices for bringing another interesting pop of color to your backyard playground.

See red rubber mulch and all of the other colors right here!

red rubber mulch
green rubber mulch
brown rubber mulch
blue rubber mulch
black rubber mulch

If homeowners are building a swing set with us, the most common thing to do is to match the rubber mulch to the accent color on the set itself. Since red accents are particularly popular, that’s one of the reasons that red rubber mulch is such a common choice. However, blue and green are also popular choices to go along with the clean white vinyl base of the sets, so green rubber mulch and blue rubber mulch also see frequent use, too.

If you want to envision how your playset will look with any of our five rubber mulch colors, we have a tool that makes it easy. We built our 3D design center to showcase the nearly unlimited possibilities you have when custom designing a swing set with Adventure World Play sets, complete with your choice of rubber. Try it right here and build something incredible:

Try Our 3D Design Center

Rubber Mulch Benefits: Safety & Much More

The unparalleled safety precautions are, of course, one of the primary reasons that parents choose to install a thick layer around their children’s playsets. While safety is absolutely the number one concern, that’s not the only reason to choose rubber mulch — here are all the benefits:

  • Safety — According to professional safety tests, rubber mulch dramatically outperforms both wooden mulch and having nothing on the ground at all. Learn more about the safety differences right here! Plus, unlike wooden mulch, rubber resists both mold and fungus growth.
  • Style — The bold shades of rubber mulch offer an eye-popping, kid-friendly look to your backyard!
  • Never Needs to Be Replaced — While wooden mulch has the tendency to grow mold and need replacing, rubber mulch never will. After years in the elements, the red, blue, or green rubber mulch you buy from us will look just as good as when you brought it home.
  • 100% Splinter Free — Nothing can ruin a fun day of outdoor play like a splinter. With wooden mulch, a splinter is always a risk, but it never is with rubber. Along these same lines, you never have to worry about termites or carpenter ants making a meal of your mulch.

Shop All of Our Rubber Mulch Colors & Playsets

playground with red rubber mulch

Did any of these rubber mulch colors catch your eye? Or are you interested in bringing one of our sets to your backyard? We’re here to help. Adventure World Play Sets and products are available nationwide through our dedicated dealer network. When you want to get started, the first step is to enter your zip code right here to find your closest dealer. They will help you find what you’re looking for and handle everything!

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