Swing Set Package #A-3

This swing set includes:

3-Position Single Beam
2nd End Post for Free Standing
2 Belt Swings
This freestanding swing beam is a great starter play set to get their imaginations going!
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Swing Set Package#A-3

Minimum area for
proper installation:_______ 16’ x 15′
Recommended Border:_____62′
Recommended Mulch:_____1 ton.
Weed guard:_________240 sq. ft.

Safety specifications:

For safety, add a 6′ player area around the perimeter of the playset

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Feeling creative? Our interactive 3D Design Center will allow you to design your very own custom playset from scratch. Start with your choice of playset tower (many tower configurations available to choose from). Then add connectors, slides, swings and accessories. Change colors to suit you. Rotate the unit around to see all angles and make sure every side has fun accessories and slides to make your playset unique and a blast to play on. Note: To use the 3D Design Center, you must be using an updated browser and a laptop/desktop computer

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