Adventure World Play Sets Are #1

Adventure World Play Sets are made in the USA and constructed with the highest standards. The following quality and safety features are included at no extra cost on all of our swing sets. Save money over time by not having to repaint or restain your kids playsets. Vinyl sleeving protects against water and moisture preventing cracking and rotting.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide durable, high-end playsets for the younger generations to come, improving physical strength, engaging interaction with others, and creating memorable experiences for both children and parents.

Genuine Amish Playsets

Every year, hundreds of parents come to us looking for quality Amish-made playsets for their children. They aren’t disappointed either; our Amish playsets offer sturdy construction and imaginative, colorful designs.

Amish-made products, including our vinyl playsets, have gained nationwide attention for their unmatched quality craftsmanship. We build multiple styles of playsets, including playsets with slides, playsets multiple-level towers and swing sets.

If you’re enamored by the quality of Amish-made products, an Amish-built playset is a great place to start. Bring home a playset that your family will cherish for years to come. Your neighbors will be blown away when they see your children having a great time on their new playset in your backyard.

Maintenance-Free Amish Playgrounds

One of the major reasons that Amish-made products are so highly sought after is their legendary quality. When it comes to something that your children will play on for years to come, you should absolutely insist on that high-level of craftsmanship. Our playsets are built sturdy to ensure they provide years of safe, lasting enjoyment.

In addition, since we exclusively build the best quality vinyl playsets, you don’t have to do any work to get them looking great or any maintenance to keep them that way. Unlike wooden alternatives, you don’t need to paint or stain our vinyl playsets. Furthermore, our high-quality Amish playgrounds are designed to withstand all types of weather — and still look great. Not only will you love the way your Amish playset looks when you get it home, but you’ll also love how it looks as the years pass. That’s what Amish craftsmanship can do for you. And all our sets are made in the USA, right here in Lancaster County!

Playsets Around the Country

From the heart of Lancaster, PA (often known as Amish Country), Adventure World Play Sets builds our custom playsets for families across the country. In addition, the vast majority of Adventure World Play Sets suppliers are located in Lancaster County. From the construction to the very parts themselves, Adventure World Play Sets is a small-town product that has captured attention on a national scale.

While it is true that many of our Amish-made swing sets dot the Lancaster countryside, they have a far greater reach than just in Amish Country. Through our extensive network of distributors, Adventure World Play Sets can be found across the country. Find a dealer near you by entering your zip code into the website header.

Playing Outside on an Amish Built Playset Never Goes Out of Style

There’s no fighting the fact that children today grow up with unparalleled exposure to electronics such as computers, tablets, and videogame systems. While electronic entertainment is here to stay, there’s no substitute for good, old-fashioned time playing outdoors. Children need a break from screens and they need to get some fresh air and physical activity. While it may not be as shiny as a new videogame, Adventure World playsets have been thrilling kids for years and still do today.