Rubber Playground Mulch, Curbing & Mats

Adventure World Play Sets places a priority on safety. While we want our play sets and swing sets to be fun and exciting, we also want them to be safe After purchasing your custom, Amish-made play set, make sure to take advantage of several safety additions, including playground rubber mulch and rubber curb borders. All of the rubber safety materials available are made from 100% recycled rubber.

Rubber Mulch

Installing a recycled rubber mulch base around your custom play set will ensure a safer environment for children than would a base of pea gravel or wood mulch. Pea gravel does not absorb the shock of a fall, and wood mulch can attract insects and retain moisture, not to mention that wood mulch increases the chances of children getting splinters while playing. Additionally, wood mulch deteriorates, making it necessary to replace it year after year. Rubber mulch chips will last as long as your play set does, and does not require replacement. It dries quickly, does not decompose or freeze, and looks great. For both style and safety, rubber mulch is the ideal choice to accompany your swing set or play set. IN addition, the longevity of our rubber mulch matches the lifespan of our amish-made outdoor sets.

green rubber playground mulch

playground border

Standard Vinyl Curbing & Playground Borders

Vinyl curbing is the standard way to contain your rubber mulch base and provide a nice look to go along with our vinyl swing sets. Standard white vinyl sleeves are attractive, easy to clean and help keep your rubber mulch in one area. The sturdy construction of Adventure World’s vinyl curbing makes it a long-lasting choice. Each section of vinyl curbing comes in a 4 X 4 size, and vinyl curbing does not come in curved sets.

Rubber Curbing

Rubber curbing is designed to enclose any of our swing sets for kids. The curbing is sturdy and flexible, and the flexibility of the rubber curb borders enables your family to utilize more creative playground designs. Furthermore, the rubber borders are interlocking and can be stacked to create a deeper enclosure. The curbing offered by Adventure World Play Sets is an efficient and secure barrier for any playground, and it is also easy to install. Our rubber curbing comes in a neutral tan shade, which makes the enclosure compatible with any mulch or custom play set colors.

rubber curbing

rubber playground mat

Rubber Playground Mats

Rubber mats are also available and can be used to reduce erosion under slides and swing sets, protecting your lawn. They also go well over a loose fill area to prevent materials from dispersing. Rubber mats provide an added layer of protection in the case of falls. The mats measure 23 X 38 1/2 inches and are only available in green.


The rubber mulch offered by Adventure World comes in five creative and fun color choices, and it is easy to install.

Colors offered are green, black, red, blue, and brown.

red rubber playground mulch

green rubber playground mulch

brown rubber playground mulch

blue rubber playground mulch

black rubber playground mulch