Safely Features

  • Vinyl creates a safe, smooth surface that is splinter-free without surface cracks, checks or knotty appearance.
  • Entrance ladders come standard with non-slip steps and safety rails.
  • Rubber-coated swing chains provide a soft, pinch-free grip for kids swing sets.
  • Wood-grain texture on decking and rock walls increases traction.
  • No shortcuts by using exposed wood on decking underside that risks splinters and cuts from cracks in wood; our playsets feature vinyl covering throughout.
  • Heavy-duty swing hangers feature spring clip for easy height adjustment and swing change.
  • Two ground anchors included with each swing beam.
  • No overhead climbers with swings attached.
  • Safety rails included on all entrance ladders.

Quality Features

  • Use of pressure-treated lumber (rather than untreated wood which is susceptible to rotting in a few years) covered with vinyl combines the strength of wood with the easy care of vinyl. Vinyl covering also resists wood boring insects and bees.
  • Use of heavy-duty walled vinyl adds strength, is fade resistant and is easy to clean; occasional rinsing is all you need to keep your play set looking great.
  • Powder-coated brackets resist peeling and rusting.
  • Stainless steel bolts and chains will not rust.
  • Heavy-duty corner construction is through bolted with two steel angles; we do not use wood lags, which connect by being driven only half way into the beams.
  • Long-lasting poly-lumber roofs instead of canvas because they resist high winds.
  • Durable structural parts and sturdy construction create stable play sets that won’t tip in high winds or as children swing.