Vinyl Picnic Tables for Sale

You’ve designed your backyard to be a wonderful place for relaxation as well as play. Maybe you’ve already invested in one of our fantastic kids swing sets, a nice grill for family barbecues, or even a pool. The only thing you need now is a great place to gather with your friends and family for a meal outside; our outdoor picnic tables will provide you with exactly that.

Outdoor Picnic Tables

A picnic table is a perfect addition to your back yard. The picnic table has a familiar, classic design that will make you feel as though you’re hanging out at the park. We offer ours in three shades: white, off-white and clay. A white vinyl picnic table, for example, accomplishes several things that your familiar wooden picnic table doesn’t have. First, the vinyl helps keep the wood off the ground. That means that it won’t be as exposed to dirt, soil, and water, which will keep your picnic table in great shape longer. Next, the vinyl design isn’t out of place in even the most refined back yard. If you have a comfortable feel to your backyard, the picnic table will fit right in. Finally, vinyl picnic tables are smoother and more comfortable to sit on than wood alone. There’s no worry over splinters with this design!

These tables are perfect for family gatherings in the back yard, especially if you have more than a couple of kids or are used to having multiple family members over for events. Most of the time, when you buy a table and chairs for your back yard, you only get four chairs–not nearly enough room for many families. These picnic tables, on the other hand, offer you the flexibility to fit as many people as you like along the bench seats. It’s the perfect solution for a family get-together when you might need more places for people to eat.

Adult Backyard Picnic Tables

Worried that these tables might be just for the kids? Don’t be! These are normal-sized, adult picnic tables. In 3′ x 6′ or 3′ x 8′ sizes, so there’s plenty of room for the adults in your family to get cozy with the kids and enjoy the fun. What are you waiting for? Check out these tables today. They’re a great choice, and with summer heating up fast, you’ll want to jump on the opportunity to add them to your yard!