Outdoor Play Sets & Swing Sets in West Virginia

When summer time rolls around, it’s sometimes a tall task to get your kids motivated to play outdoors. We can help with that. Adventure World Play Sets has been an industry leader in building quality outdoor play sets for your family to enjoy. It’s time to fall in love again with what nature has to offer. We have dealers all over the United States providing families with a fun solution to the distracting digital world. For years we’ve been providing West Virginians with quality play sets that both they and their children can enjoy.

Power Their Imagination With Custom Outdoor Accessories

Inspiration for a creative mind can be found anywhere, but what’s better than the comfort of your backyard? Allow your child’s imagination to develop right before your eyes on their very own play set with customized accessories. With our different play set options and dozens of add-ons, the playhouse design possibilities are endless. Our team of swing set builders know how to properly install your setup in your backyard so you don’t need to.

Custom playset with a green play tower cover, green slide and tan beamsWe know having options are important, that’s why we have so many. There are dozens of customizable options for your play set, including:

West Virginia Swing Sets: No Maintenance

All of our products and materials are proudly made in the USA. Each of our play sets are manufactured with safety in mind. The material we use is designed for longevity so you know your investment is protected. Our craftsmanship maximizes modern day technology. We’ve eliminated splintering, peeling, cracking, or rotting of any of our products. Adventure World understands that the safety of your child is the most important thing. We also understand that you only want to invest in a product that is worth the cost and has minimal maintenance required. So we decided to make a product that checks all of those boxes.

Our play sets have no exposed nails, wood or metal joints. Gone are the days of the wooden swing that will splinter and potentially hurt a loved one. We combined the strength of wooden beams and the durability of vinyl and combined them. The lumber used in all of our play sets are pressure-treated and sleeved with vinyl. This provides you with a maintenance-free outdoor swing set that will last for years. No painting or staining is required. All you need is for our team to assemble the playhouse and your kids will be ready to explore their imaginations.

Build your custom outdoor play set using our 3D design center!

Customize Your Outdoor Play Set in West Virginia!

Don’t let another sunny summer day pass you by indoors. Spend quality time outdoors with your kids on your custom play set. Allowing your kids to explore their imagination is a beneficial process in their early development of life. Be sure to find a dealer near you in West Virginia and contact us to start designing your child’s imagination wonderland. Invest in your child’s future with an Adventure World Play Set!