The Best Kid’s Playhouses on the Market

For your kids, a backyard playhouse isn’t just a playhouse — it’s so much more. Their playhouse is their hidden fortress, their secret base, or their clubhouse. It’s a place to spend countless hours letting their imaginations run wild. So if you are buying an outdoor kid’s playhouse, you want to make sure it’s the very best on the market.

At Adventure World Play Sets, we’re primarily known for building custom playsets and swing sets that look amazing, excite kids of all ages, and provide the safest play experience on the market. One of our most popular playsets, the Happy Hideout, comes with a fully-built outdoor playhouse that is crafted to the same standards of excellence as all Adventure World Play Sets products. This children’s playhouse was such a hit that parents quickly began to demand that we sell just the playhouses, too. That’s why we’re happy to offer this kid’s playhouse for sale.

The Adventure World Play Sets outdoor playhouse is sure to provide your children with endless hours of outdoor fun that they’ll never forget. Just like with every single product built by Adventure World Play Sets, our kid’s playhouses are hand-built by skilled Amish craftsmen — not built on an assembly line in a massive factory.

The Outdoor Playhouse They’ll Love

When compared with other kid’s playhouses on the market, the Adventure World Play Sets outdoor playhouses have more in common with a real home than something you’d impulse buy at a big box store. The best kid’s playsets for sale come from craftsmen, not wholesale stores. Building a premium product, whose quality you can see and feel, is always our motivation at Adventure World Play Sets, whether we’re crafting a jumbo swing set or a kid’s playhouse. Our outdoor playhouses feature real windows and a real door that opens and closes — most other playhouses can’t boast those features. As soon as your kids step foot inside their new playhouse, they’ll be able to tell the difference — and they’ll love it!

This backyard playhouse is on par with — or even better than — equipment that you’ll find at public parks or other commercial spaces. Just imagine your kids’ excitement when they realize their own personal outdoor playhouse is better than the one at school!

What Makes these Children’s Playhouses Stand Out

When it comes to our playsets and swing sets, our primary goal has always been to build ultra-safe and ultra-fun playsets that are extremely easy for parents to maintain. That starts with our deluxe materials and our custom, hand-built processes.

Built from the same weatherproof vinyl as our playsets, our kid’s outdoor playhouses for sale are extremely durable and require minimal maintenance over the years. While wooden playhouses become susceptible to mold and rot, an Adventure World Play Sets playhouse is completely impervious to both and will never need to be re-painted or re-stained. After all, we know that parents want to buy a backyard kid’s playset their children will love — not another chore.

In addition, because the entirety of our playhouses are built out of vinyl, or American lumber sheathed in vinyl, there is practically no risk of splinters. Playsets and playhouses that are built with exposed wood have the tendency to give children splinters, which is just one of the reasons we prefer using premium vinyl. In addition, since our children’s playhouses are built with vinyl and have a long lifespan, you don’t need to worry about your kid’s playhouse falling apart and exposing your children to rusty nails or other potentially broken building materials.

kids playhouse interior

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