Outdoor Garden Bench

In keeping with our promise to offer quality, high-end items as displayed on this site, we are proud to introduce our 5-foot vinyl park benches for adults. These convenient and comfortable garden benches provide the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing break where you can sit and watch the kids while they play.

Quality Backyard Benches

Made from the same quality material design concept as our popular play sets, our new vinyl bench with back rest is built to last. We only use pressure-treated lumber instead of untreated wood. That way, our backyard benches will withstand the seasons without fading or cracking. We cover the lumber with vinyl for combined strength of wood and easy care. There is no risk of splinters when the wood is covered in durable vinyl. Plus, these benches for garden or playground never need painting or finishing. Cleaning is as simple as a spray down with the hose to keep both your new bench and play set looking great.

Our construction uses powder-coated brackets and stainless steel bolts that resist peeling or rusting. Using durable structural parts with sturdy construction enables us to produce this small outdoor bench for both safety and comfort. On top of that, it is maintenance-free for one less thing to worry about while adding to the atmosphere of a lovely garden.

Advantages of Outdoor Park Benches

A park bench offers several advantages over alternative garden seating worth contemplating when considering additional outdoor seating. To begin with, you consume less space with a single bench while still being able to seat up to three people. You only need a smaller footprint to accommodate this seating for three for the price of one. In addition, a park bench tends to remain where positioned for less wear and tear from moving it around. This also makes it less likely to disappear from potential theft. In many instances, placement of an outdoor garden bench inspires landscaping around it for ambiance and creating an inviting atmosphere. A garden bench is both stylish and cost-effective.

We are excited about this addition to our line of playsets, swings, love seats and picnic tables. Our outdoor park bench comports to our mission statement in keeping with providing durable high-end play sets for our younger generation enabling physical strength, engaged interaction, memorable experiences and now a place for adults to comfortably join in those experiences.