Custom Playsets near Indiana

The best way to keep your kids from becoming another statistic in the obesity epidemic sweeping across the nation, consider purchasing a playset for your little ones. Luckily for you, Adventure World playsets are the highest quality private playground equipment that can be found in Indiana. At Adventure World, we go the extra mile to ensure that the playset you purchase for your loved ones is not only made of the best materials available, but is also structured in such a way that your children will be able to play on them everyday for years – and not only will they not get bored of their backyard playground, the playground won’t become rundown as many tend to do. If you’re in the market for a playsets in IN, look no further.

Indiana Swing Sets

At Adventure World, we are of the belief that customization is key. Our playset packages and swing sets come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Most importantly, though, is what our kids playsets and swing sets are not made of: wood. Overtime, wood begins to deteriorate – meaning your playset or swing set may not survive the test of time. More immediately, however, wood puts your child at risk of getting a splinter – and splinters are the opposite of what we are dedicated to: fun.

Out of all the playsets and swing sets in IN, Adventure World offers world-class vinyl equipment with state-of-art safety features. From non-slip stairs to plastic covered chains on the swings, our playsets and swing sets will not only keep your child safer than any other on the market, but they also guarantee summers, springs, and autumns of fun. You can customize any set to fit your needs and desires, from our most basic package – a swing set with a slide – to the most luxurious, with multiple slides and a tree-house-inspired play fort, each and every set is constructed to be one-of-a-kind and just for you. The add-ons and accessories available are custom-tailored to be exactly what you and your children desire, and with a 5 to 20 year warranty (depending on your selected product), you can rest assured that the set you select will be built to last and built for fun.


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