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Now on                                          A great starter                                                 ADVENTURE GYM

      to the                                          play set to get their                                              A freestanding swing beam

      Kids’ Stuff...                                  imaginations going!                                   PAC K AG E   #A-3            10'

                                                                                                            •  3-Position Single Beam
                                                                                                              2nd End Post for Free Standing
      O U R  PAC K AG E S                                                                                                                        11'
                                                                                                            •  2 Belt Swings                 For safety, add a 6'
      On the following pages, you’ll find photos                                                                                             play area around the
                                                                                                            •  Trapeze                     perimeter of the play set.
      and dimensions of each tower as part of
      pre-created packages. Packages reflect

      each available tower size — single, double
      and triple towers with single or multiple
      level decks of varying dimensions.

      CU S TO M I Z E YO U R P L AY S E T
      Packages are available as is, or can be used

      to get ideas for a completely customized
      play set. Customize your play set by
      beginning with Step 1 “Choose Your Tower”
      on page 40 where you’ll find the details
      of all tower options and available deck

      dimension for each tower type.

 6 6                                                                                                                                                   7 7
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