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Just for                                         A special place to relax and enjoy

                                                         watching little ones at play! Our swing
        Grown-ups���                                     sets are designed for kids, but this

                                                         seating is meant just for adults!

        Made from the same quality materials as our play sets, these items are                            We also offer these grown-up-friendly
        built to last and are virtually maintenance-free!                                                 swings that will attach to your play set!

                                                                                                          See page 50 & 51 for more details!
        G ROW N - U P LOV E S E AT S W I N G                5'  PAR K B E N C H

        You’ve got it made in the shade! You and your sweetie will be   Simple and practical, this seating solution will have
        comfy and swinging in style with this elegant seating solution.  you asking to be “benched.”

                               6' x 6' with frame
                               and roof.

                                   Grown-up Love Seat Swing and
                                   Wheel Chair Swing available
                                    with or without roof.
                                                            G ROW N - U P P I C N I C TAB LE
                                                            Enjoy your vinyl picnic table for a family picnic or
        W H E E L C HAI R S W I N G W ITH F R AM E          birthday party in your own back yard after kids play on
                                                            their Adventure World Play Set.
                                                            Available in 3' x 6' and 3' x 8' (not shown). Available in
                                                            almond or white.

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