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Stainless Steel Chains
                                                                                                                                    Powder-Coated Brackets
                                                                                  Heavy-Duty Swing Hangers
                                     Heavy-Duty Corner Construction  Long-Lasting Poly Lumber Roof

                                  Through bolted with           Resists               With spring clip            Resists             Resist peeling
      Stainless Steel Bolts Throughout
                                   two steel angles            high winds             for easy height             rusting              and rusting
                                                                                      adjustment and
                                                                                       swing change

            Will not rust

            Tube Slide

           Heavy-duty with
        stainless steel hardware

           Safety Rails

                                                        Underside of Our Decking  Decking and Rock Wall
                                  Entrance  Ladder                                                           Two Ground Anchors

           Included on all                                                                                                          Rubber-Coated    Swing Chain
          entrance ladders

                                      Features              No exposed wood      Feature wood-grain texture for   Included with each      For a soft,
                                    non-slip steps                                   increased traction         swing beam               pinch-free grip

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