8 Playground Safety Tips

Swings, slides, playhouses, and so much more — playing on a playground is one of the BEST parts of childhood. Whether you have your own playset in your backyard or you go to a public park, kids need to be playing safe as well as having a great time!

At Adventure World Play Sets, we know playsets, swing sets, and kid’s safety — that’s at the very core of our business. Check out our simple-but-important playground safety tips to ensure your kids stay safe, while enjoying their time playing outside.

Playground Safety Tips for Parents

You want your kids to enjoy playing outside as much as you did as a kid — but you want them to be safe, too. Just keeping a few simple playground safety tips in mind can ensure the time outside (whether at the park or in your own backyard) is all fun and no harm.

1. Wear the Right Shoes

shoes to wear on a playground

Nothing beats the feeling of racing around as fast as you can. Just make sure your kids are wearing the right shoes when they’re going to the playground. Have your kids wear sneakers or sandals with a wrap-around band in the back. Flip-flops can lead to tripping and falling, so we say keep them off the playground.

2. One at a Time on the Slide

Seems simple, but one of our most important playground safety tips is to make sure your kids know to go down the slide one at a time. Although our slides are built to be extremely sturdy, if children try to sit in each other’s laps, someone may tip over the side.

3. Don’t Climb up the Slide
child climbing up slide

We’ll never know why, but kids love to climb up slides — but it’s not a safe habit. On crowded playgrounds, trying to climb up the slides can result in getting hit by another kid trying to slide down. The good news is we make TONS of fun ways to climb on your Adventure World set, including rock walls and chain ladders. Check out our swing set accessories.

4. Don’t Jump off the Swings

This is a tough one. We ALL did it when we were kids, but we also ALL knew someone who got hurt doing it. Simply put, swinging is fun enough without jumping off. Tell your kids: safety first.

5. Supervise Monkey Bars
girl on monkey bars

Another place where a safety first attitude applies. Monkey bars can be a great acrobatic activity for kids, but since there is a risk for falling, you need to watch them closely. Set up a rule with your kids where if they want to climb the monkey bars, they come and get you first. Plus, they’ll love seeing how proud you are when they nail it, too!

6. Don’t Walk Too Close to Swinging Kids

Make sure your kids know not to walk too close in front of or behind other kids swinging. Some kids can swing fast and can knock down or injure other kids without meaning to.

7. Make Sure the Equipment Is in Good Condition
safe playground equipment

This playground safety tip applies to public parks. Playground equipment in poor condition is not only less fun — but can actually be unsafe for children to play on. Check for splintering wood, damaged swing seats, sharp edges on metal frames, sharp metal swing chains, and anything else that could prove unsafe to young ones. Learn more about inspecting a playset.

8. Make Sure the Area Is Clean and Safe

Another playground safety tip for public places. If your children are playing at a public park or playground, check their immediate area carefully for trash, broken glass, and other unsafe or unsavory objects. Unfortunately, not everyone respects that children use public spaces, so if you want your kids to play there, you need to be vigilant.

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