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At Adventure World Play Sets, we are very appreciative of our dealer network for bringing our sets to families all across the country. Our dedicated dealers have exclusive access to sell Adventure World Play Sets products, while handling the custom designing and installation for their local customers. Many of our dealers have researched dozens of vinyl playsets — and they chose us. If you’re doing your research and looking for a playset line, see what sets the best playset manufacturers apart from the average!

Our dealers not only love selling these premium sets, but they also say that having them featured prominently on their outdoor showrooms and sales lots brings in new business (especially if they’re located on a busy road). From the no-maintenance materials we use to the skill of our Amish playset builders, our sets deliver huge excitement and satisfaction to customers. If you’re interested in becoming a dealer, keep reading. However, if you’re a potential customer, see what makes our sets stand out for parents and kids!

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What to Look for in Your Playground Equipment Company

A wide variety of different businesses sign on to be our dealers. From dedicated outdoor play companies and shed builders, to luxury living companies and many more choose us. These are the key differences that set our swing sets and playground equipment company apart:

  1. Sets Look Attractive — With tall towers, exciting designs, and bright colors, our swing sets catch the eye of young and old alike. Not only is the look of our playsets a plus when trying to make a sale, but they can also bring customers onto your sales lot. This can be especially helpful for businesses that sell several different types of outdoor products — after all, a playset and a pergola can go great together in a kid-friendly backyard makeover.
  2. High-Quality USA Construction — You do business with integrity and would never sell a subpar product — we feel the same way. That’s why all of our products are built right here in the United States by our in-house team of Amish craftsmen. Compare this to a lot of other playground equipment companies which build swing sets hundreds-at-a-time in huge factories overseas. Not only will those sets not look as good, but they are at a much higher risk to have problems or defects.
  3. Backed by a Manufacturer Warranty — Like we said, we build our products with integrity. That’s why as playset manufacturers, we back our sets with a no-hassle warranty that your customers can sign up for. Firstly, this ensures that if anything goes wrong, your customers will be taken care of — and it’s an effective selling point to customers who care as deeply about quality as you do.
  4. Maintenance-Free Products — Unlike wooden sets that need to be stained in order to prevent rot and mold, our vinyl-coated swing sets will NEVER require maintenance. This can be a huge difference maker to parents who hesitate to bring home another exhausting backyard chore. Plus, if you plan to keep a display model at your showroom, you’ll appreciate knowing that you’ll never need to work on it.
  5. Safety Focused — Any product that is made for children absolutely must put safety first. That’s why our playground equipment company puts our sets through rigorous testing. Not only are our sets’ corners reinforced, but our heavy-duty swing beams are rated to hold more than 2,000 lbs. of pressure — far more than would ever be required. Learn about that right here!
  6. Custom Options & Design Center — Our standard lineup of popular sets is thrilling and varied enough to meet the needs of many customers. However, we make custom designing playsets easy for your customers and intuitive for you. Having the ability to custom design an amazing playset means bigger projects for you and a finished product that meets your customers’ every needs. To make the custom design process even simpler and more fun, we’ve built a 3D design center that gives you or the customer the ability to digitally craft a set from the ground up!

    Check out our 3D Design Center right here.
  7. Meaningful Support from the Manufacturer — One of the other things that sets us apart compared to other playset manufacturers is the support we provide to our dealers. Firstly, our experts are on hand to provide technical information and installation guidance. On top of that, we run national marketing campaigns that drive local leads to our dealer network!

Adventure World Play Sets Accessories

In addition to our flagship swing set lines, we build several other outdoor play accessories. Rounding out what our playground equipment company offers, we sell standalone playhouses and ultra-safe rubber mulch. While the playhouse comes standard on several of our playhouse swing sets, it can also be purchased as a ground-level clubhouse. Our rubber mulch is designed to be much safer than traditional wooden playground mulch and matches the colorful look of our sets. This is a popular add-on for safety-conscious customers!

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The vast majority of our dealers stick around year-after-year because their customers love our products, and they appreciate the experience of working with us. We’re a playset manufacturer that is dedicated to building an exceptional product and ensuring our dealers are supported. If you’re interested in becoming an official Adventure World Play Sets dealer, we’d love to talk!

Learn more about becoming a dealer right here!

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The best swingset company, in my opinion! We are an independent contractor that works for a lot of companies. Adventure world swingsets are built very well. They will last more than one generation.
Jay Flaud
Jay Flaud
Reasonable price, great warranty, well installed. Kids will love it1
John Lippert
John Lippert
Amazing quality! Definitely worth the purchase since kids play all day on it!
Isabella Laris Logan
Isabella Laris Logan
Just got a wonderful playset for our preschool. It is fantastic!! It has been an easy experience.
Bethany Brown
Bethany Brown
Great quality playset. Arrived quickly. Installation and communication through J&R Mulch Waynesboro PA was excellent
Allison Hickman
Allison Hickman
If you ever need a swingset installed in your backyard or anywhere, you MUST get it from here.
Steven Rice
Steven Rice
We have been trying to purchase one of these play sets for months and none of the dealers in our area will call us back about purchasing one. I wish the purchasing process was easier than "find a vendor in your local area". No one here wants to build them! The Happy Hideout looks like an amazing product for my toddler to grow into. I'm sad no one will build them or call us back. Edit: The company contacted me personally and found a vendor in my area!
Charlotte Doty
Charlotte Doty
Great people to work with and high quality! Highly recommend, my kids love their new play house!
Ashley McGinnis
Ashley McGinnis