How to Polish a Plastic Playground Slide

For kids, few things are more fun than rocketing down a slide, whether it’s at a park or in their backyards. However, over the years and over thousands of rides down, plastic slides become less slippery, and thus, less fun. There is good news though — you can do something about it! Read our blog to learn how to polish a plastic playground slide.

Making a slide slippery again is a fairly simple matter of cleaning it and applying a safe coating to polish it. Get the scoop on the safe and effective way to polish a plastic playground slide from the outdoor play experts at Adventure World Play Sets.

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How to Make a Slide Slippery the Safe Way

Adventure World Play Sets are designed to have a very long lifespan, and while the sets are 95% maintenance-free, occasionally you’ll need to add a boost of speed to the slide. One of the main reasons that a slide loses its slickness is that it becomes dirty over time — that’s why you’ll want to start by cleaning the slide.

Here’s how we recommend cleaning and polishing your slide:

  1. Make a Cleaning Solution

    Make a cleaning solution using warm water and a mild dish detergent. This will help scrub free any dirt caked on to the slide.

  2. Scrub Down the Slide

    You’ll want to use an abrasive rag or hand towel to scrub the slide from top to bottom. Once the slide is free of the years of outside dirt, rinse off the soapy solution with the garden hose.

  3. Let it Dry

    Before you start to wax or polish your playground slide, you’ll want to let it dry. This makes the wax apply easier.

  4. Wax the Slide Itself

    This is one of the best ways to make a slide slippery again. While removing dirt from your slide on its own helps, waxing the slide really brings back the slick ride that the slide boasted when it was new. To do this safely, we recommend rubbing wax paper over the entire slide surface. Rubbing the wax paper transfers the food-safe wax onto the surface of your slide.

    While wax paper is our preference when polishing a playground slide, some parents like to use spray-on wax to achieve the same effect. Since the waxy surface of the slide will come into direct contact with your children’s skin and clothes, make sure that whatever you use is non-toxic, non-irritating, and won’t stain their clothes.

    Learn more about what makes our swing sets the safest.

  5. Sand the Slide Surface (If Needed)

    If you run your hand down your slide and feel countless shallow grooves on the surface, they’ll slow down anyone’s ride on the slide. To take care of this, you’ll want to sand the slide surface with sandpaper.

All the Slide Options from Adventure World Play Sets

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