Downsides of Cheap Playsets & Swing Sets

In the age of online shopping, we’ve become accustomed to ALWAYS seeking the lowest price — no exceptions. However, the classic motto, “You get what you pay for,” unfortunately still holds true in the 21st century. While cheap playsets and swing sets are out there, they often fall under that inexpensive-but-poor-quality category.

At Adventure World Play Sets, we only build safe and high-quality vinyl playsets, guaranteed to provide years of satisfaction for your children. We know what separates handcrafted equipment from cheap online swing sets — and we’re here to share that information with you.

Whether you buy a cheap swing set online or in-person, there are multiple reasons to be cautious — learn all about the REAL downsides of cheap online playsets and swing sets.

Breaking Down Budget Playsets

In order to be able to offer their products at the lowest cost playset manufacturers cut corners. There’s no way around it. Most often the compromise in quality that they make can be seen in the materials used, the overall manufacturing, and the design.

Here are the biggest red flags we’ve seen with ultra-cheap playsets and swing sets:

  1. Safety Concerns
    Adventure World playsets are individually custom built by experienced Amish craftsmen. On the other hand, cheap playsets are mass produced in factories. The lack of individual attention creates an opportunity for unsafe parts or pieces to make it to the public. In comparison, Adventure World playsets are designed safe and built correctly every time.

    Learn more about our safety features.
  2. Rarely American-Made
    One other factor that almost all cheap swing sets have in common is that they are built overseas. Not only does this typically involve using cheaper materials, but it also often correlates to less quality control to ensure the playsets will be safe enough for your kids. Cheap swing sets are often built in China out of Chinese cedar, which lacks the strength of American Cedar. When you build with Adventure World Play Sets, you know your children’s playset is made from the best materials, crafted right in Lancaster County Pennsylvania!
  3. No Guarantee of Quality or Lifespan
    Cheaper materials and less quality control can only mean one thing: sets that break down faster than a 1980s Ford Pinto. Adventure World playsets are warranted to last for 20 years, and often last WAY longer — cheap playsets, on the other hand, often last maybe 3 or 4 years. Here’s the way we see it: if your playset can’t make it a few summers without growing mold and falling apart, it isn’t a good buy, no matter the price.

    Learn more about playset lifespan.
  4. No Customization
    The perfect swing set and playset accessories for your kids change, depending on your children’s ages, interests, and more. That makes sense to us, and that’s why we make custom options available for ALL of our playsets. However, when you buy a cheap playset online or in the aisle next to a year’s supply of pellets for your woodstove, your options are only what they have there — no choices, no customization. Adventure World Play Sets has options for you to add on to your playset for your children as they get older.

    Learn more about custom playset design with Adventure World Play Sets.
  5. Set-Up Not Included
    More often than not, when you buy a bargain-bin swing set online or at a big box store, a package shows up at your front door. That leaves you with no help and limited instructions to put it all together yourself. When you work with a local Adventure World Play Sets dealer to find or customize your perfect playset, they will always handle the installation phase — so all you need to do is enjoy it with your kids.

The Headquarters for Custom Playsets

At Adventure World Play Sets, we are known for two things: the quality inherent in every set we make and the ability for parents to customize the perfect one for their children.

If you want to opt for one of our popular playset models, you can always make small changes to the color and specific accessories.

However, if you want to let your imagination run wild, you can build a totally unique set from the ground up, using our one-of-a-kind 3D Design Center. This online accessible software program is the exact same one that we use when designing new sets. Give it a try today!

Build Your Own Playset
custom backyard playset

Find Your Adventure World Play Sets Dealer to Get Started

While cheap playsets are sold just about anywhere and everywhere you can imagine, Adventure World Play Sets are exclusively sold through our nationwide dealer network. Our dealers can help you find your set, customize it, and even install it in your backyard.

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The best swingset company, in my opinion! We are an independent contractor that works for a lot of companies. Adventure world swingsets are built very well. They will last more than one generation.
Jay Flaud
Jay Flaud
Reasonable price, great warranty, well installed. Kids will love it1
John Lippert
John Lippert
Amazing quality! Definitely worth the purchase since kids play all day on it!
Isabella Laris Logan
Isabella Laris Logan
Just got a wonderful playset for our preschool. It is fantastic!! It has been an easy experience.
Bethany Brown
Bethany Brown
Great quality playset. Arrived quickly. Installation and communication through J&R Mulch Waynesboro PA was excellent
Allison Hickman
Allison Hickman
If you ever need a swingset installed in your backyard or anywhere, you MUST get it from here.
Steven Rice
Steven Rice
We have been trying to purchase one of these play sets for months and none of the dealers in our area will call us back about purchasing one. I wish the purchasing process was easier than "find a vendor in your local area". No one here wants to build them! The Happy Hideout looks like an amazing product for my toddler to grow into. I'm sad no one will build them or call us back. Edit: The company contacted me personally and found a vendor in my area!
Charlotte Doty
Charlotte Doty
Great people to work with and high quality! Highly recommend, my kids love their new play house!
Ashley McGinnis
Ashley McGinnis