Shopping Guide: Outdoor Playset for a 6-Year-Old

Every age of childhood is wonderful as it brings new excitement and new interests. In the same way that every age brings changes, it can also bring new preferred ways to play. If you want to tailor outdoor toys to your kids’ exact ages and interests, you have options. In this particular shopping guide, we’re highlighting outdoor playsets for a 6-year-old!

At Adventure World Play Sets, we build high-quality vinyl playsets for kids of all ages. Our sets are designed to pack a huge variety of different thrills for different kids – while also providing the safety and quality that parents trust. Check out four picks for the best outdoor playsets for a 6-year-old!

4 Awesome Swing Sets for a 6-Year-Old

At age 6, children are in transition from being little kids to big kids. How they play reflects this transition, too. The best swing sets for a 6-year-old will be big enough and varied enough to excite their expanding interests. However, swing sets for a 6-year-old won’t be quite as tall and fast-paced as a true bigger kid playset.

Check out our recommended playsets:

Swing sets for a 6 year old

Discovery Depot #D48-1

Variety is the name of the game with this playset. Climbing the rock wall is simple and safe yet still a great novelty for 6-year-olds. Of course, the gentle slide will always be a favorite, too. The lemonade stand is a great way to encourage young imaginations, as your kids will have a blast pretending to run their own establishment. Lastly, the swing beam features two full-sized swings as well as a baby swing to accommodate a younger sibling.

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most fun swingset for a 6 year old

Busy Basecamp #B66-2

The supersized tower is the centerpiece of this unique model, the Busy Basecamp. That added width makes for a great clubhouse to hang out and have quiet time. This swing set for 6-year-olds also features three distinct and fun ways to scale the set, including the ladder, the gangplank, and the rock wall. The two side-by-side slides are also a great addition as they make competitive slide races a possibility!

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fun outdoor playset for a 6 year old

Giggle Junction #GA55-6

Young eyes light up with excitement when they see all of the varied ways to play on the Giggle Junction. With four swings to choose from, there will always be room for everyone to be included.  Both the rock wall and the chain ladder make scaling the playset tower as much fun as sliding back down from the two slides. One of the reasons that this is a great playset for a 6-year-olds is that there is so much room for kids to play – which is convenient as kids at this age will want to start having their friends over!

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huge outdoor play set for children 6+

Discover Depot #D48-9

With Adventure World Play Sets, the options truly are limitless! Here’s a swing set that rivals (and even exceeds) those found in your local parks. Thanks to the connectors and wobbly bridges, this long interconnected set makes running from one side to the next a big part of the fun. There are other kid favorites featured here, like two turbo slides, monkey bars, as well as 4 swings – including a ball swing and a tire swing.

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Adding Onto Your Adventure World Play Set

While all of these swing sets for a 6-year-old are the total package, you can always upgrade them as your kids age. Thanks to the way our playsets are built, you have the ability to order additional towers, swing beams, and other accessories as their playtime interests change over the years.  A popular option for parents is buying their kids one set to start with – and then adding on extra features for birthdays and holidays as they get older! That way your backyard playset stays current with their new interests.

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If any of these swing sets caught your eye, you can bring one home. However, if you’d like to design your very own playset, we give you that option. With our easy-to-use 3D design software, you can build a fully custom set from the ground, choosing everything from the swings to the towers and the accessories.

If you are ready to start shopping, the first step is to find your local Adventure World Play Sets expert. We make all of our sets available nationwide through a dedicated dealer network. Simply enter your zip code and you’ll be connected with the local pro who can take care of everything!

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