How to Choose a Backyard Playset: From the Experts

Buying your kids a playset is a great family gift — it’s a sure-fire way to get them excited to play outside and get a little exercise at the same time. However, when there are countless different options at different price points, figuring out how to choose a backyard playset can be difficult. We’re here to help by breaking down the key factors to look at when shopping for your playset options!

At Adventure World Play Sets, we build a wide variety of beautiful, ultra-high-quality vinyl playsets that kids love. All of our sets are built to maximize fun and guarantee your kids safety. Keep reading to learn all about how to choose a backyard playset — or find your nearest dealer right here to get started!

how to choose a swing set

How to Choose a Swing Set for Your Kids

Figuring out how to choose a swing set or a playset is a matter of balancing the fun accessories with the practical necessities. These are the main key points to take a look at when you’re shopping and checking out all sorts of different options:

  1. Guarantee It’s Safe — Just like you, we put safety first. Making sure the set is safe is the most important thing to look at before anything else. At Adventure World Play Sets, all of our swing beams are built ultra-durable to be able to withstand 2,000 pounds of pressure — which is far more than they would ever need to. In addition, every single one of our sets are 100% coated in vinyl to ensure that no one ever gets a splinter while playing. Learn more about the safety features that set our swing sets apart!
  2. Make Sure There’s Enough Room for Everyone — Wondering how to choose a swing set or backyard playset? Make sure there’s enough room so that everyone can be included. Since nobody likes waiting their turn to play, make sure you find a set that has enough swings, slides, and seats for your children and all of their friends. We build simple sets that start with just 2 swings — and we also build huge swing sets that can accommodate 10+ kids at once!
  3. Check If It’s Maintenance-Free — Unless you want another backyard chore, make sure you ask some questions about this feature before you buy anything. Unfortunately, wooden swing sets require being re-painted or re-stained every so often in order to stop them from rotting out and falling apart. However, well-built vinyl playsets (like ours) will NEVER need painted, stained, or maintained in order to stand up to the elements. Our roofs are made of thick poly wood or solid molded plastic, no canvas roofs that get moldy and eventually wear thin and fall apart.
  4. See If There Are Multiple Ways to Play — A variety of ways to play is key to keeping kids entranced by their playset. That’s why the vast majority of our sets all include swings, slides, and at least one tower. These options allow young ones to enjoy upbeat, high-energy fun as well as imagination games. However, these options are just the tip of the iceberg — we build a wide variety of interesting accessories like rock walls, sandboxes, monkey bars, lemonade stands, and so much more! Check out even more of our most popular playset accessories.
  5. Make Sure the Kids Love It — When it comes to figuring out how to choose a swing set, go with the best judge: your kids. Simply put, if the kids don’t love it, don’t buy it. The new swing set is a gift for them, so they need to be excited for it! If they think the set looks bland, boring, or altogether uninspiring, take their word for it and keep looking.

    See some of our swing sets meant to appeal to older kids!

Design Your Own Playset Right Here

3d backyard playset design

While we build several lines of swing sets that kids and parents all love, increasingly people want to get creative and build their own. That’s the inspiration behind our 3D design center that lets you and your kids design a 100% custom playset — and get a quote to build it for you! This is a new way to figure out how to choose a backyard playset. Check it out right here:

Try Our 3D Design Center

Choose Your Backyard Playset Model Today

Now you know how to choose a backyard playset — so let’s get started. The first step is finding your local Adventure World Play Sets dealer who will help you bring home the set of your dreams. While all of our sets are built in Lancaster, PA, we sell and build them nationwide through the help of our expert dealers.

Simply enter your zip code into the top of this webpage to be paired with the local team that will get you a price to build and install your new set in your backyard. Don’t wait — reach out today!

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The best swingset company, in my opinion! We are an independent contractor that works for a lot of companies. Adventure world swingsets are built very well. They will last more than one generation.
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Jay Flaud
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John Lippert
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Isabella Laris Logan
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Bethany Brown
Great quality playset. Arrived quickly. Installation and communication through J&R Mulch Waynesboro PA was excellent
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Allison Hickman
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Steven Rice
We have been trying to purchase one of these play sets for months and none of the dealers in our area will call us back about purchasing one. I wish the purchasing process was easier than "find a vendor in your local area". No one here wants to build them! The Happy Hideout looks like an amazing product for my toddler to grow into. I'm sad no one will build them or call us back. Edit: The company contacted me personally and found a vendor in my area!
Charlotte Doty
Charlotte Doty
Great people to work with and high quality! Highly recommend, my kids love their new play house!
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Ashley McGinnis