Different Types of Playground Slides

For some kids, there is no greater thrill than rushing down a slide from the tallest tower on a playset. While the whole set may be packed with exciting ways to play, this is their favorite. Slides are a nearly universal inclusion on many of our vinyl playsets. Discover just how many different types of playground slides we build for our sets!

At Adventure World Play Sets, we make a line of deluxe sets that kids all over the country love. We’re profiling all of our most exciting types of playground slides that you can include when you build with us. See all of your options to get inspired — and build with Adventure World Play Sets today!

6 Awesome Slides for Playsets

From super-fast straight slides to twisty tubes, there are so many exciting choices. Each of these slides for playsets provides a slightly different play experience. Explore the favorites and find your best option:

types of playground slides
Wonder Wave

One of our tried-and-true slides, the Wonder Wave is great for kids of all ages, including younger children as well. Available for a 5-foot playset tower deck, this straight slide provides hours of easy fun! While it might be simple, it is a slide for playsets that can’t be beat.

slides for playsets
Tunnel Express

One of the most versatile of the different types of playground slides we build, this straight and enclosed slide can complete 3-foot, 5-foot, 7-foot, and 9-foot playset tower decks. The Tunnel Express slide now comes with a clear panel so kids can see the sky rush past as they slide.

ripple rush playground slide
Ripple Rush & Extreme Ripple Rush

The Ripple Rush line of slides offers the fastest and most extreme ride, thanks to its high angle. The extreme Ripple Rush has the same high grade but is four feet longer. These slides are meant for 5-foot and 7-foot playset towers.

twisty turbo tube playground slide
Twisty Turbo Tube

Rated by real kids to be their favorite of our slides for playsets, the Twisty Turbo Tube provides big-time thrills for a lot of different sets. Available for 5-, 7-, and 9-foot towers, this fully enclosed slide makes for a speedy and twisty experience that kids love!

sidewinder slide for playset
Sidewinder Slide

A long and straight slide — available in every height — that comes out from the main tower at a right angle. Not only does that make for a slightly different experience, but it also makes it possible to cluster multiple slides side-by-side on the same set — perfect for races and other games! Like a few of our other covered slides for playsets, clear panels can be used here, too.

super spiral slide for playset
Super Spiral Slide

A new choice among these different types of playground slides, the Super Spiral slide is an open slide shaped in a tight corkscrew. Similar to the Twisty Turbo slide, it delivers a heart-pumping experience, but the open top may be more comfortable for some kids.

We have just as much variety in our different types of swings!

Design Your Own Set with Us

Did several of these fast and fun slides for our playsets catch your eye? Great — you can bring one or more of them to your brand new Adventure World Play Set! Switching out the different types of slides is one of the easiest changes to make — whether you’re making small custom changes or designing from the ground up.

In order to make the custom design process even easier and more fun, we have a 3D playset design center you can use today. This software allows you to customize every piece of your new playset — and to see exactly what it’ll look like in real time. Not only is this fun for the whole family, but it allows you to easily submit your design to your local Adventure World Play Sets dealer for an easy quote!

Try Our 3D Design Center

Get Prices on Sets with All Types of Playground Slides

We build all types of playground slides and other accessories because we want your set to be tailored to the exact way your kids enjoy having fun outdoors. If you’re ready to get started, you’re in the right place. The first step is to find your nearest Adventure World Play Sets dealer. To do that, simply enter your zip code right here and you’ll be connected to the local expert who can take care of everything from designing to installing your new set!

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