Choosing the Right Outdoor Playset For your Child’s Age

You have decided that the time has come to invest in a playset for your family, you do your research, look around; you may even decide to design your own and have it custom-made, after all, the idea is that your child can grow with it and play on it for years to come!

Many Outdoor Playset can be upgraded as your child grows and is ready to take on more physical challenges, so, for the time being, think about the things your child is capable of doing now and not years from today.

Swing Sets And Outdoor Playset For Kids Younger Than Two Years:

Toddlers are just beginning to become steady on their feet and learning how to move in the world around them; they still need to crawl and to hold on to fixed surfaces or posts. Focus on sets that have areas low to the ground and are easy to navigate, like small ramps and steps, since it’s safer for the little ones not to climb up higher than 3ft from the ground.

Some options are:
  • Bucket swings or baby swings with a high-back which are great for babies or toddlers since the enclosed back and sides makes them safer, not allowing little ones to pull themselves out of the swing on their own.
  • Small, open slides where parents or older children can see and hold the toddler when they are sliding down a distance not long enough to be scary.
  • Tunnels with bubble panels that allow small children to not lose sight of a trusted adult and help parents watch over their little ones.
  • Sandboxes that provide kids with the opportunity to explore nature while developing their tactile sense which is one of the doorways to discovery.
Right playset for kids
sand box for kids
Swing Sets for kids between 2 and 5 years of age

At this age, no pieces of playground equipment should be higher than 6ft since preschoolers
are now more sure-footed and they love to jump, leap and climb as they are developing their fine and gross motor skills. A shorter and lower to the ground playset is a safe bet. For this age group, you can plan on expanding your set with:

  • Short gang-planks with ropes to hold on to, to help them keep their balance.
  • Small, inclined rock-climbing walls.
  • Ladders with flat, wide steps and safety handles.
  • Low swing beams with belt swings, tire swings or glider swings which provide interaction, teamwork and can be adjusted in height.
  • Tube or open spiral slides which can be more daring as the child loses eye-contact with parent or caregiver for a few seconds.

Swing Sets For children 6 or older:

For kids in this age range, playing outdoors on play-sets helps them develop their newfound strength and agility; they find that they can run faster, climb steadier and swing and jump higher and further. They still need adult supervision but they are able to play on their own, challenging themselves and each other to compete and do their best.

To upgrade your playset for children this age, you can add:

  • Large rock-climbing walls that give kids a safe but challenging activity where they can practice their climbing skills with plastic handles in the shape of rocks well-suited to their small hands and feet.
  • Horizontal ladders and chain ladders give children a more challenging and exciting climbing experience.
  • Taller and longer slides are in order for children 6 and above since they give them a more thrilling experience, especially with wave or spiral slides.
  • Monkey bars, trapeze swings, rings and poles all provide bigger challenges; kids in this age range can climb and jump off slightly higher distances; trapeze swings and ring develop children’s upper body strength

At Adventure World Play Sets we have a vast array of models which go from a simple swing set and slide all the way up to those that include higher towers, bridges, monkey-bars, tunnels, taller swings and slides and even play-houses! Feel free to browse through our catalog, we are sure you can find something that suits your needs or get creative and build your own on our 3D Design Center

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Whether your kids’ time is spent hitting the slides, swinging high, or just letting their imagination run wild, a playset is the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon.

No matter which Adventure World Playset sparks your imagination and meets your needs, you can’t go wrong. You and your children will appreciate the outdoor fun and quality for years to come.

We sell all of our Adventure World Play Sets nationwide through our exclusive dealer network. If you want to learn more or see a set in person, find your nearest dealer!

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