Building a Fun & Safe Backyard Play Area

Building a truly epic backyard play area for your kids calls for a combination of your imagination, fun outdoor toys, and that all-important parental instinct. You want to make sure the outdoor play area you’re making is equally fun and safe for years-upon-years of outdoor excitement.

Since Adventure World Play Sets are the centerpiece of so many wonderful backyard play areas, we know a thing or two about how to design your own. Read our latest blog to learn some of the best ways to build a dream backyard play area.

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7 Things Every Kids Play Area Should Have

Running, swinging, hide-n-go-seek or an imagination game they made up on the spot — there are so many ways kids can enjoy a dedicated outdoor play area! How much will your kids love it? It’ll even compete with iPads and video game consoles for their attention!

While every kid and every backyard play space will be different, here are some of the most-important things to include in yours!

  1. Multiple Ways to Play
    From the fun of running around wildly to climbing and swinging on a playset, the outdoors can bring the excitement more than a screen or videogame. Make sure your outdoor play area packs a TON of different opportunities for fun and the accessories needed to make it happen. Whether that’s a bubble panel, fireman’s pole or a tic-tac-toe game on your swing set, give your kids lots of ways to play — and they’ll play!
  2. Some Shade from the Sun
    Getting a break from the hot sun is a must when playing outside all day long. All of the best kid’s play areas come with one or more ways to keep cool in the shade on a hot summer afternoon. One of the most popular ways to get out of the sun is with an Adventure World Play Sets playhouse. Our playhouses can either sit right on the ground or at the top of a playset tower! Not only do they beat the hot sun, but they add an extra opportunity for imagination — kids love pretending a playhouse is their top-secret headquarters! See our premium playhouses.
  3. More than Enough Space
    To maximize fun and promote safety, you need to make sure your yard is big enough for all of the outdoor excitement you have planned. On top of that, you also need to ensure that your yard is level to incorporate any type of playset or even something like a trampoline. The key is to be realistic about what your yard can handle — your kids will appreciate the space to run around more than most other things. Even if your yard isn’t jumbo in acreage, you can still have a great Adventure World Playset — learn more about our playset footprints.
  4. Fall Protection
    If you’re planning to add a playset or swing set to your backyard play area, we absolutely recommend that you add some type of mulch to protect your kids and their friends in the event of a fall. Your children’s safety is always your top priority. While you’ll want to teach your kids to swing and play safely, accidents can happen. We offer an ultra-safe type of rubber mulch for this very reason.
  5. Some Quiet Spaces
    While the heart-pumping, high-energy play is how kids enjoy the outdoors most of the time, sometimes they want to do something calmer and quieter. Giving them some out-of-the-way space to catch their breath is always good. We’ve seen parents add hammock swings or other seating to great outdoor play areas for this very reason!
  6. Freedom from Dangers & Obstacles
    As parents you want to do everything within your power to keep your kids safe while they have fun. One of the first steps when designing your kid’s backyard play area is making sure your yard is completely free of potential dangers. Some of the dangers that parents need to keep in mind are things like sudden drop-offs, tree branches, utility poles, hanging wires and even fences. Keep the fun and your kids at a safe distance from these obstacles.
  7. A Premium Adventure World Playset
    While there are TONS of playsets and swing sets on the market, there’s only one Adventure World Play Sets. From a safety perspective, our sets are second to none. Our completely vinyl sets are impervious to rot and mildew, and don’t give your children splinters as they play. Plus, when it comes to the fun factor, the bright colors and dazzling playset accessories can’t be beat!

Find Your Adventure World Play Sets Dealer

If you’re ready to build your kid’s perfect backyard play area with an Adventure World Playset, the first step is finding your nearest dealer. Then look over our online catalog — or design your own using our 3D Playset Design Center! We sell our playsets nationwide through our exclusive dealer network. To find the dealer closest to you, enter your zip code — to start shopping and designing.

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Charlotte Doty
Great people to work with and high quality! Highly recommend, my kids love their new play house!
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