How to Swing on a Swing Set: Guide for Kids

Swinging on a swing set is a timeless joy. The feeling of kicking your feet and the rush of the wind through your hair — there’s a reason that kids and adults alike love swinging! While kids as young as six months old can swing in baby seats with the assistance of their parents, kids who are a bit older can enjoy swinging on their own. Learning how to swing on a swing set is key to having countless hours of fun — and teaching how it’s done is the focus of today’s blog.

At Adventure World Play Sets, we build high-quality kid’s swing sets which families all over the country love! We’re more than just craftsmen, though — we’re also the go-to information source for parents looking for fun games and key outdoor play tips. Learn more about teaching your kids how to swing on a swing set — and see even more of our beloved playsets!

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how to teach a child to swing on a swing

How to Teach a Child to Swing on a Swing

While we may take for granted how natural swinging on a swing set feels, some kids may need some help and some specific instruction to get the hang of it. These are the key steps of how to teach a child to swing on a swing:

  1. Start with Momentum — When teaching a child to swing on a swing, we recommend starting off by giving them a good push. While kids will be able to kick off on their own and make their own momentum, giving them pushes will help with a smooth start.
  2. Extend Legs when Going Forward — This is one of the key things to master when learning how to swing on a swing. To build momentum, you need to extend or kick your legs forward when swinging forward. When your child is swinging, we recommend standing in front of them and coaching them to straighten their legs out as far as they can when swinging forward.
  3. Tuck Legs when Swinging Back — This is the other important motion that they need to master to be able to enjoy hours of independent swinging. As soon as your child starts swinging back, they need to swiftly tuck their legs under them. By pairing the leg extension with a quick leg tuck, they will build momentum to swing faster and higher.

    Wondering if all of that momentum is good exercise? Learn how many calories swinging on a swing set burns!
  4. How to Stop — For most kids, stopping the swing is much easier than getting started. In order to slow down to safely dismount, all kids need to do is stop extending and stop tucking their legs.

Now that you have a pretty good idea of how to teach a child to swing on a swing, we figure you might want a little inspiration to motivate them to put down the electronics and play outside.

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Adventure World Play Sets are equally well-loved by parents and children alike! Firstly, kids are enamored by the bright colors and tall towers that make our swing sets look like a great time. When they get a closer look, they fall for all of the different ways to swing, slide, and play! We build a huge range of swing set accessories like rock walls, built-in tic-tac-toe games, and much more!

While parents certainly can enjoy swinging on our heavy-duty sets, they are convinced by the safety features and practical advantages. Safety is the number one priority behind all of our sets. You can see this in the sturdy anchors, heavy duty fasteners, and the swing beams — which are rated at 2,000 pounds of pressure! In addition to being the safest swing sets on the market, they are also easy to own, since they will never need to be re-painted or re-stained like wooden sets will.

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