Our Favorite Family-Friendly Backyard Ideas

Forget huddling around a glowing TV screen — your backyard can be the ultimate family destination during the warmest months of the year. Spending time together outside builds real memories and brings you even closer together than binging the next series on Netflix ever could. The only thing you need is a great outdoor destination — and that’s where these family-friendly backyard ideas come in.

At Adventure World Play Sets, we craft a premium line of vinyl playsets and swing sets that are the cornerstone of super fun yards all across the country. Since we’re on the forefront of outdoor play, in today’s blog, we’re highlighting our favorite family-friendly backyard ideas for kids of all ages!

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9 Backyard Ideas for Kids

All of these ideas are captivating to kids and have the approval of parents everywhere. Naturally some of our backyard ideas for kids use our playsets, while others can be homemade or picked up at any big box store.

  1. Play House — A great playhouse gives kids a great setting for all of their imagination games. Their backyard playhouse can become so much more, whether they imagine it’s their future home or a secret fort. There are a wide variety of different playhouses on the market built to widely different qualities — make sure you buy one that will last and WON’T give your kids splinters.

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  2. Butterfly Garden — A butterfly garden is a term for a patch of flowers meant to attract different species of beautiful butterflies. Both you and the kids will equally enjoy taking care of the flowers and watching them bloom. Plus, having many different butterflies to watch and admire is always fun for kids, too. This is one of the most unexpected — yet awesome! — family-friendly backyard ideas.
  3. Sports Stuff — Whatever your family’s favorite sport is, it is a surefire backyard idea for kids. If your family likes soccer, buy a soccer net — and if your kids are trying out for the baseball team, get a pitchback trainer. Everybody will have a great time outdoors watching and playing the role of an amateur coach.
  4. Swings — One of the classic hallmarks of a great backyard, a swing set is guaranteed to provide countless hours of enjoyment. A swing set is one of the most effective backyard ideas for kids to get outside and even get some exercise, too! There are more different types of swings than ever before, including 2-person glider swings, tire swings, ball swings, and so much more.

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  5. Shade Options — Something every family-friendly backyard needs is a little shade. That way even if the noonday sun is bearing down, you can still enjoy the outdoors together. Whether that looks like something simple like a sun umbrella or even a backyard gazebo, you’ll be glad you have it.
  6. Sandbox — A backyard idea for kids that is like a day at the beach, incorporating a sandbox into the backyard provides another avenue for imaginative play. They can use their sandbox to build castles or to bring in cars and trucks and imagine their own sandy world. Our playsets often include sandboxes beneath the main tower.
  7. A Hammock — If the high-energy outdoor fun gets a little much for the kids (or parents), we recommend having a place to wind down and relax. Whether it is free-standing or attached to trees, a hammock makes for a fantastic accessory for your backyard.
  8. Slides — Another classic way to play outside, adding a swing set with a slide is a great kid-friendly backyard idea. Almost all of our swing sets come with one or more slides. Plus, we build more fun and even faster types of slides than ever before — see them all right here.
  9. Swings for the Parents — These are family-friendly backyard ideas which means the goal is to get the whole family together. Parents need a place to sit, relax, and swing as well. Many of our playsets come with built-in swings for adults, but we also offer the standalone grown-up love seat, which comes with its own awning to provide some shade.

Tie it All Together with Adventure World Play Sets

Our deluxe playsets can help transform your yard into the backyard destination for you and your kids. Not only do our playsets combine ever-popular swings and slides, but they include numerous of the other backyard ideas for kids that we mentioned, like a playhouse and a sandbox.

Not only do our sets have it all when it comes to the outdoor fun that gets kids outside, but they’re also built to be extremely safe and to NEVER require maintenance. Since our sturdy, hand-built sets are encased in thick vinyl, there’s no risk of your kids getting splinters. In addition, unlike wooden sets that require being re-painted or re-stained, a vinyl playset will last several decades without ever needing maintenance.

Bring Your Family-Friendly Backyard Ideas to Life with Us

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If one of our sets is at the center of your dream backyard, you’re in the right place. We’d love to help you bring these family-friendly backyard ideas to life. The first step is figuring out what type of playset or swing set you’d like. You can check out some of our most popular swing set models — or use our very own 3D design center to build a fully-custom set.

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Once you’re ready to start building in your backyard, you’ll want to find your nearest Adventure World Play Sets dealer. Simply enter your zip code at the top of the website to be connected to your area’s expert!

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