The Best Backyard Play Structures: 10 Must-Have Traits

If you’ve been thinking about getting a playset — or you’ve been shopping around for one — you know there are tons of different options on the market. All of those options make your choice harder when you’re looking for the best backyard play structure. We consider our pieces among the very best — thanks to the combination of practical and fun benefits that make Adventure World Play Sets a smart and exciting choice!

We’re known nationwide for building a signature line of vinyl playsets and swing sets. Keep reading to see what makes our backyard play structures stand out in a crowded market — and learn how you can design your own!

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Fun & Practical Reasons to Love Our Play Systems

To be the best, our play systems need to provide the safety and practical advantages that parents care about — while packing in the imaginative and high energy fun that kids love! We’re breaking down why kids AND parents choose us time and time again:

5 Fun Features

Providing countless hours of outdoor fun is our mission at Adventure World Play Sets — here’s what makes our sets extra exciting!

  1. Unique Swings — There’s no question that belt swings are a classic, but that’s just the beginning of what we can build into your swing set. We offer tons of unique extras like tire swings, surf swings, ball swings, two-person gliders, and much more. See all of our unique swings here!
  2. Eye-Popping Colors — One of the first things kids notice about our sets and play systems is how bright and inviting they look. That comes from our eye-popping color schemes, which pair bright primary colors against a clean white base.
  3. Climbing Options — Versatility is at the center of all the best backyard play structures. That’s why parents and kids alike fall in love with climbing playsets that provide the chance to climb high as well as to swing. Just a few of the most fun climbing accessories include our rock wall, monkey bars, and a chain ladder.
  4. Imagination Accessory — It’s always nice to have the chance to take a break from high-energy fun to enjoy imagination games on your swing set. Many of our favorite play systems feature accessories to spark young imaginations. A few of these include the steering wheel, the lemonade stand, and the Happy Hideout playhouse.
  5. Ground-Up Custom Building — You have 100% freedom to mix and match any of our popular swing set models and accessories to create the perfect set for your kids. By tailoring the set to their exact tastes, you’ll create a playset that they’ll love using day after day. To make the custom design process even easier, we built a custom 3D design center — keep reading to learn all about it!
5 Practical Benefits

While the flashy fun of our sets is what captures the imaginations of kids everywhere, these are the important practical advantages that matter to you, the parent.

  1. Ultra-Strong Swing Beam — Safety is the most important element of all our designs, and our ultra-durable swing beam is at the center of this. We build the important weight-bearing beam on every single one of our backyard play structures to be both bigger and stronger than our competitors’. When tested, our swing beams can withstand 2,000 pounds of weight, far more than they’d ever need to be able to hold for your children to play safely. Learn more about how sturdy our sets truly are!
  2. No Maintenance — You’re buying a play system to give your children a great gift — not to saddle yourself with another backyard chore. Fortunately, Adventure World Play Sets are 100% maintenance free, meaning they never need to be painted, stained, or anything else to stay strong. Compare this to wooden sets that often need to be sanded and painted or stained every few years.
  3. They Look Great in Your Yard — You work hard to create a backyard curb appeal, and the last thing you want is a cheap looking swing set to undermine that. While all of our sets have a colorful, kid-friendly look, they also have a clean, professional, and well-built appearance. Plus, since they don’t rust or rot, you don’t have to worry about them turning into a backyard eyesore.
  4. They Will Last a Lifetime — There’s nothing worse than spending your hard-earned money on something (whether for yourself or for the kids) and having it fall apart before you’re finished with it. While cheap swing sets often fall apart after just a few seasons in the elements, our play systems will last a lifetime! We often say that our sets are intergenerational, meaning your kids and grandkids can both enjoy them!
  5. Backed By a Warranty — It’s one thing to say our sets are built well, and it’s another thing to prove it. We’re confident that our pieces are so well built that we offer a 20-year workmanship warranty on the structural integrity of all of our sets. This is one of the practical advantages that makes us stand out as building the best backyard play structures!

More About Our 3D Design Center

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While we’ve always offered the ability to build a 100% custom set for your kids, now it’s never been easier. Our 3D design center allows you to build and visualize your custom set, tailored to your yard, your budget, and your kids’ specific tastes. You start by placing a tower and swing beam, and then you can keep adding more towers and accessories. Try sitting down with your kids and using our design software to build their perfect set together!

Try Our 3D Design Center

Get Prices on Our Backyard Play Structures

Ready to take the next step and bring one of our backyard play structures home? We make it easy! The first step is finding the official Adventure World Play Sets dealer that supports your area. Our expert dealers handle everything from helping you design your set, to getting you a price, and taking care of the installation.

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The best swingset company, in my opinion! We are an independent contractor that works for a lot of companies. Adventure world swingsets are built very well. They will last more than one generation.
Jay Flaud
Jay Flaud
Reasonable price, great warranty, well installed. Kids will love it1
John Lippert
John Lippert
Amazing quality! Definitely worth the purchase since kids play all day on it!
Isabella Laris Logan
Isabella Laris Logan
Just got a wonderful playset for our preschool. It is fantastic!! It has been an easy experience.
Bethany Brown
Bethany Brown
Great quality playset. Arrived quickly. Installation and communication through J&R Mulch Waynesboro PA was excellent
Allison Hickman
Allison Hickman
If you ever need a swingset installed in your backyard or anywhere, you MUST get it from here.
Steven Rice
Steven Rice
We have been trying to purchase one of these play sets for months and none of the dealers in our area will call us back about purchasing one. I wish the purchasing process was easier than "find a vendor in your local area". No one here wants to build them! The Happy Hideout looks like an amazing product for my toddler to grow into. I'm sad no one will build them or call us back. Edit: The company contacted me personally and found a vendor in my area!
Charlotte Doty
Charlotte Doty
Great people to work with and high quality! Highly recommend, my kids love their new play house!
Ashley McGinnis
Ashley McGinnis