7 Strategies to Get Kids to Play Outside

The great outdoors earns that name because playing outside is great for children’s development. Physically, emotionally, and even creatively, time spent playing outside helps children grow up healthy and happy!

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While playing outside is a huge win for kids, in the twenty-first century, outdoor time faces stiff competition. The allure of smartphones, tablets, and a constantly revolving door of new video game consoles makes it harder than ever to motivate kids to play outside. Savvy parents are finding new ways to boost the appeal of the backyard – here are 7 strategies we’ve compiled to get kids to play outside.

How to Get Your Kids to Play Outside

Every age group and every kid is different, but these are some good strategies you can try. While you might not be able to compete head-on with a Wii U or an iPhone 8, you can at least give the great outdoors a fighting chance.

1. Play Outside Alongside Them

girl outside playing an imagination game like hide-and-seek

One of the best things about playing outside? It can be social. Whether you’re doing an organized activity, like playing a game or a sport, or just running around, time outside is best spent in the company of friends and families. While your children will want to spend time with kids their own age, it’s also great to have mom or dad join in the game.

You can make playing outside more fun by being actively involved in your kids’ games. Whether that means taking a turn in hide-and-seek or getting involved in their imagination games, it’ll be rewarding for both of you.

When you have fun playing outside, they’ll be much more likely to do it, too.

2. Give Them The Transportation/Supervision They Need

If your kids express interest in taking a trip to the local park to shoot hoops or play on the soccer field, make it happen. By taking them and supervising them, you encourage the outdoor fun they want to have.

If they know that they can count on mom or dad to go out and have fun, they won’t be so reliant on the virtual fun that’s in the living room.

3. Get Old School

children on playset enjoying outdoor games

It might sound crazy, but the newest thing isn’t always the best. Try introducing your kids to some of your favorite childhood outdoor games. Tell them you want to show them how mom or dad had fun outside. Whether or not they fall in love with classic fun, you’ll at least have gotten them to spend one afternoon outside.

Here are a few ideas (out of hundreds of others you may know) for timeless fun:

  • Hopscotch and Sidewalk Chalk
  • Slip-N-Slide
  • Flashlight Tag
  • Jumping Rope

4. Get Them Into Sports

Whether they’re into watching your favorite teams on TV or trying out for the school team when they get old enough, sports are a great motivator to get out and play.

While they won’t be able to field a full baseball team over the summer, they can spend their time practicing the fundamentals. Whether that’s throwing a spiral or catching fly balls, if your kids want to develop the skills they see on the TV, they’ll spend time outside making it happen.

5. Give Them Rewards

girl on swings being rewarded for spending time outside

One of the best ways to build good habits in children? Reward them. Hey, it even works for adults, too. (Free gym memberships, right?)

Encourage them to elect outdoor activity by rewarding them with a new toy they can use outside or even a special dessert. You can even use time on electronics as a reward for playing outside. Maybe every minute outside translates to a minute on the PS4.

In no time, they’ll grow to love playing outside for the rewards – and because it’s just fun to run around outside.

6. Adopt A Pet That Needs Outdoor Time

This is a big family decision, but if the time is right, an outdoor pet can 100% get the kids excited to be outside. Whether your family adopts a puppy, a potbelly pig, or another outdoor pet, you can be sure it will get the kids outside.

7. Buy An Adventure World Playset

child on an adventure world playset in her backyard

A stunning, colorful, and customizable playset right in their backyard? Yes, nothing gives the great outdoors the upper hand over video games like an Adventure World Playset.

There are hours of fun to be had swinging on the swings, climbing, sliding, and so much else. Plus, your Adventure World Playset can be customized as your children age and their tastes change.

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